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    1. University of Minnesota



      Current Research Thrusts

      • Learning from Big Data
        • Estimation, tracking, and feature extraction on a budget
        • Randomized and data-driven algorithms for classification and clustering
      • Wireless Cognitive Radio Communications
        • Spatio-temporal cartography for spectrum sensing
        • Scheduling and resource allocation
      • Power Grid Networks and Data Centers
        • Grid analytics and power management
        • Dynamic state estimation and power flow
      • Brain Networks
        • Kernel-based and structural equation dynamic and nonlinear models
        • Optimal experimental design for drug targeting
      • Social Networks
        • Conjoint analysis and recommender systems
        • Community detection and modularity


      Contact SPINCOM
      SPINCOM: (612) 624-9510 | 499 Walter Library, 117 Pleasant Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455
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